One-on-one Coaching sessions with French Native Speakers

"Learning by Talking"

10 Hour French Pack

10 Hour French Pack

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Tailor - made Coaching sessions

  • Every Coach ​has had different school and life experiences. 

  • Choose the Coach that fits your goals & needs the best.

  • Your Coach will adpat to you, your interests, your demands and your level of communication.

  • Become more confident in your life and get out of your language comfort zone. 

  • Communication 

  • Experiences sharing

  • Grammar 

  • Vocabulary  

  • Social Advices

  • Pronunciation

  • Role Play

  • Help for homework 

  • Comics 

  • Interactive videos

  • Movies

Find your native French Coach

  • Improve your self confidence and get to know French culture with me !

    1 hr

    23 euros
  • Hey, I’m Charles co-founder of Bonjour Coach, let's talk and have fun!

    1 hr

    25 euros
  • Born in France, originally from China, I know how hard it is to learn.

    1 hr

    23 euros
  • Hey, my lessons are fun, interactive, original. Come try it !

    1 hr

    22 euros
  • Hi, I am waiting for you for good and dynamic moments of exchange

    1 hr

    15 euros
  • Alexia, Franco-Indian, 21. Let me turn you into a frenchie !

    1 hr

    20 euros
  • Hey I’m Julie, I study fashion business. Here for new experiences.

    1 hr

    17 euros
  • Hi ! I studied social law. See you soon on a Bonjour Coach session.

    1 hr

    15 euros
  • I’m Maxance from UNIL, Switzerland, 26 and sustainability is my field.

    1 hr

    20 euros

How does it work ?​


Choose a Coach


Book a Time Slot​


Meet Online

All Coaches are French Natives and speak English

Connect with a network of high Achieving Individuals

Learn to have a real conversation as you would in France