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Not much time left with your studies  ? 
Find a Host Family


  • Help Family with their kids arround 8/10 hours a Week.

  • Usually provide assistance to children (babysitting, teach languages, ....)

  • In case of any issue with the family : Find another one in 2 weeks

WHY ? 

  • Immerse yourself in French culture

  • Enjoy a lot of free time to study or follow an internship

  • Integrate yourself into French Family

  • Learn French the best 

  • Enjoy a concept of solidarity, mutual aid and sharing. 


  • Contact us

  • We will send you a PDF to Fill in with your information

  • Your profile will be uploaded on our different partners platforms

  • When a Family chooses your profile, you will have a call with them

  • After few meetings, if you agree to live together, your Family and you will sign a contract 

  • Enjoy your new life !!!! 


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