Your packs for success

  • Integration Pack

    Perfect before travelling to France
    • 10 themed sessions with the coach of your choice
    • Prepare to get the most out of your trip
    • How to socialize with french people
    • Learn the basics that will help you in any situation
  • Student Pack

    Make sure you succeed in your French school
    • Prepare the courses of your specific school in advance
    • 50 hours with the coach of your choice
    • 2 talking sessions with a student of your school
    • Get a mentor once you arrive
    • 97% success rate with this pack
  • Au Pair Pack

    Find the perfect french family to welcome you
    • We find a family in the city of your choice
    • You provide small services in exchange for a cheaper rent
    • Immerse yourself in the french culture, learn the language