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Lesson #3 : How to apologize in French ?

Do you often hear "Pardon", "désolé", "excusez-moi", and wonder in which case the most appropriate apology is used?

How to be a polite person and learn to express apology is also a speaking skill.

These are three words of apology that we generally hear.

Désolé”, when you do something wrong and want to apologize. It's okay for same age or elders.

Pardon”, for example, when you are in a urgent situation, you want to get someone’s attention. For example: get on the elevator, cross the street, get off the subway, etc.

Excusez-moi”, when you have some questions for ask a stranger, such as asking for directions, asking for help, etc.

The next three sentences are more written words of apology :

Veuillez m’excuser”, “Pardonnez-moi”, “je m’excuse”, it’s means please forgive me. They are generally used for superiors, elders or letters and mail.