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Receiving gifts in France vs in China.

We often receive or give gifts on friends’ birthdays or some memorable days. This kind of human relationship is the same whether it is in China or in France. However, the etiquette habits of receiving gifts from China and France are very different.

First of all, in most cases in France, gifts are given, and cash is rarely used directly as a gift. Secondly, after accepting the gift, the French will choose to open the gift on the spot in front of the giver. Express their love for gifts. They want to share joy and feel joy together.

On the contrary, Chinese people generally do not open face-to-face after accepting gifts. If they do that, it will be considered as a very impolite behavior . For "gifts" of the nature of cash red envelopes, it is less likely to be opened in person. This is to take care of the giver's “face”, especially when opening the red envelope directly, no matter how much the amount will make both parties embarrassed.

Find after some examples with videos !

Type of gifts in China vs in France

Open directly the gift or not ?

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