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Studying in France #1


  • Do you currently live in France?

Yes, I have been living in France for five years. I am studying at the University of Lorraine. I received my bachelor's degree this year. I am going to continue my master's degree at the IAE.

  • Why did you choose to study in France?

After my bachelor's degree I saw an IUT program that allows Chinese students to study in France. Thanks to this program, I had the opportunity to come to France.

  • Did your impression of France change after your arrival in France?

Before going to France, I think France is a romantic country, with beautiful boys. Just like what we saw in the movie. When I arrived, I discovered that everyday life is really normal, there is not much to do.

  • What is your best experience in life? For example, a trip or a museum visit?

In my opinion, every trip in France is a very good experience. Because every city has its own characteristics. Especially small towns, local people are very nice, so I like to travel in France.

  • In your opinion, what is the most difficulty you encountered after your arrival in France?

I think everything was very difficult at the beginning with the language barrier, the cultural differences between China and France and the know-how of living alone, far from the family.

  • You have already lived in France for five years, do you think you have integrated well into French society?

I think it's really difficult to really integrate into French society. After all, there is a big difference between Chinese culture and French culture. But I think I still integrated well, because there were no other Chinese students in our class at the university. In this case, I am obliged to go towards the French and integrate into them. But honestly, sometimes our points of view on certain subjects are still very different, even contradictory.

  • Have you heard of Bonjour Coach?

Sorry, no.

  • So, we are a French study abroad agency. Currently, many agencies on the market are managed by Chinese, on the other hand Bonjour Coach is founded by French people. Most of the employees are French. The service targets are for those who want to come to France to study and live. Then to help them to better integrate into French life, to learn French and to better succeed in their studies abroad. This organization primarily provides five distinct services :

First of all, we offer online French courses, you can discuss any topic of interest with French teachers or learn more about the local culture of French cities.

Second, we can provide international students with life assistance, such as applying for bank cards, mobile phone SIM card and applying for housing subsidies.

The third one is to propose a Mentor in the same class as the student in order to integrate and accompany him/her in the best way possible in his/her school.

Fourthly, we have professional teachers for interview tips to help you successfully obtain a French visa.

Last but not least, we offer training courses for French exams such as TCF, DELF, DALF and other French exams.

  • Might you be interested in these five services?

Because I've been in France for five years, I already have had certain experiences.

But I think many of your services are very useful for students who are new to France.

For me, it may be more interesting to find a Mentor in the same class at school to help me integrate into university life. Because in the beginning when you enter a strange environment. There can be more or less tension or not knowing how to communicate with others. If someone wants to help me, I think I'm okay. Besides, sometimes there are no slides or manuals for some teachers. If a mentor is willing to send me notes at any time, that would be cool.

  • If there's a mentor to help you in a year's time. How much are you willing to pay for this service?

A few hundred euros. I personally think that this service is not necessary for one year, but especially at the beginning.

Like a semester or half a semester. Because then we can meet some friends ourselves later on.

  • Thank you very much for this interview !

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