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Studying in France #1


  • Do you currently live in France?

Yes, I have been living in France for five years. I am studying at the University of Lorraine. I received my bachelor's degree this year. I am going to continue my master's degree at the IAE.

  • Why did you choose to study in France?

After my bachelor's degree I saw an IUT program that allows Chinese students to study in France. Thanks to this program, I had the opportunity to come to France.

  • Did your impression of France change after your arrival in France?

Before going to France, I think France is a romantic country, with beautiful boys. Just like what we saw in the movie. When I arrived, I discovered that everyday life is really normal, there is not much to do.

  • What is your best experience in life? For example, a trip or a museum visit?

In my opinion, every trip in France is a very good experience. Because every city has its own characteristics. Especially small towns, local people are very nice, so I like to travel in France.

  • In your opinion, what is the most difficulty you encountered after your arrival in France?

I think everything was very difficult at the beginning with the language barrier, the cultural differences between China and France and the know-how of living alone, far from the family.

  • You have already lived in France for five years, do you think you have integrated well into French society?

I think it's really difficult to really integrate into French society. After all, there is a big difference between Chinese culture and French culture. But I think I still integrated well, because there were no other Chinese students in our class at the university. In this case, I am obliged to go towards the French and integrate into them. But honestly, sometimes our points of view on certain subjects are still very different, even contradictory.

  • Have you heard of Bonjour Coach?

Sorry, no.

  • So, we are