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Visit a typical French Village : Neuilly-Le-Brignon

Today I'm taking you to Neuilly-le-Brignon.

One of the smallest villages in France with about 300 inhabitants.

A village is a rural agglomeration of small size which gathers only dwellings and buildings of first necessity as we will see later on.

Small precision, Neuilly-le-Brignon is located in the region Centre Val de Loire. Not far from the city of Tours.

The Brignon is the river which crosses the village that's why it is called Neuilly-le-Brignon.

In a village, usually there is a shop, a church, a cemetery, a town hall and a post office.

This is the only shop in Neuilly-le-Brignon open twice a week.

There are also sellers who pass by regularly like the baker and the butcher.

As in most villages, there is also a church built in 550.

Traditionally, next to the church there is also a cemetery where our dead are buried.

Next to the church there is also a post office which regroups all the administrative services.

Created in the 6th century there was also a castle, whose remains can be seen: the cylindrical tower and the window.

There is also a town hall which is the place where decisions concerning the village are taken.

Finally, in this village there is a little more a playground for the young and old.