10 Hour French Pack

10 Coaching sessions to make you discover France and its rich culture the best. 

Sessions will be divided into :

Lesson from your Coach, Exchange, Vocabulary and Role Play to make you assimilate perfectly the theme of the day. 

1st Class : Introduce yourself perfectly coming to France.

Make a perfect speech to introduce yourself when you meet someone, in any occasion.  

2nd Class : French Politeness.

How to behave in society ?

Learn to greet yourself in both familiar and conventional ways. (La bise, Shake hand) 

3rd Class : Cultural differences / Cultural Choc between France and China.

Social differences, Food, Hofstede country Differences.

4th Class : Learn to use Western Internet services.

Amazon, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter.

5th Class : How to behave in restaurants ?

Wine tasting, table art, ordering, typical meals.

6th Class : How to do Shopping ?

Useful questions to find the item you want.

7th Class : Questions you may ask in School.

To your teacher, to your classmates. 

8th Class : French popular expressions. 

Learn some useful expressions. 

9th Class : French familiar vocabulary used by young generation.

Be able to adapt to anyone.

10th Class : Ask for directions.

No more loosing yourself in the street. 

10 Hour French Pack

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