The Idea 

First, they get the idea to study in France… 


  • Coaching session :

We have decided to connect them with the best French Native students or young graduates, from top-rated schools all over Europe. 

Each Coach is special and has something different to share with the students. Everyone will find the perfect match to his demand (School, Experiences, Passions…).

Coaching sessions will permit to discover the French culture, way of life and it will bring them and their Coach together, asking to communicate instead of following a school lesson on a book. 

This aims to improve oral speaking, go out of comfort zone in order to be more confident in life in general, by speaking French. 

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The aim of Bonjour Coach is to provide the best tailor-made services to Chinese students coming to France.


Then, they have to obtain the Visa…

- Find a Host family : 

Bonjour Coach will help to find you a host family in the city of your choice.

Help the family with their kids around 10 hours a week.

  • Babysitting 

  • Teach (Chinese language for example)


Just arrived, but they still have lot of inquiries…


  • Assistance :


Bonjour Coach team will assist 7/7 with the "Student VIP Pack", for any needs in your everyday life. 

Moreover, you will be helped with any administrative tasks :

Open bank account, obtain SIM Card, get residence permit, health and home insurances, intermediary for the exchanges with landlord, Housing financial aid (CAF), Metro card, personal driver from the aiport to your place, help to find a job or internship. 


At the end of their journey, if they want to take an exam to prove their level in French…

- Help with French Exams :

Bonjour Coach provides Certified Teachers who are able to make any student very well prepared to pass the DELF, DALF, TCF and TEF. 

Because we want YOU to have the best journey of your life here in France. 

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