Bonjour everyone,

Chinese students are the first foreign community in France, but still, they are not able to adjust well to culture shock.

We believe coming to study here has to be easy and should always be an unforgettable experience.

French schools have high selection standards. 

To succeed they have to study, but also to be prepared to meet social difficulties.

This is where Bonjour Coach intervenes.





We are Charles and Thomas, two entrepreneurs, graduated from an international business school in Paris.

Here is our story.

Passionate about China, during our 2 years living there, we got the goal, to create a new service for Chinese people with the French touch.

We aim to help them to integrate and to make the best out of their journey in France.


During our university years, we’ve both had past academic and working experiences in Shanghai.
An experience that has gathered us is teaching  French.

We both figured out, that in China, but also in many places in the world, people are able to write and understand a foreign language they learn, but can’t speak as well.


That's why, we focus on "Learning by Talking" coaching sessions to teach French. 



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