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I believe that talking a new language by going out of your confort zone can truly improve you.
And I've been through this.
That's why I got the idea starting all this 3 years ago already!

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Why did I get this idea?

Talking about getting more confident is essential for me. 
Indeed, when I was a kid I was sickly shy.

If you don't believe me, let me tell you a story.
I was so shy that I would wake up at 4 am, at the same time of my dad to pretend I was throwing up, in order to miss school.
Until late all I wanted to do was avoiding any social contact and stay alone basically, even if I had a great family and friends at that time.

What changed me first was sport, but mostly going out of my confort zone, meeting new people, understanding and especially speaking  new languages.

Therefore, my company targets speaking because that's the best way to learn and to exchange with people.

About me

I'm Charles, 27. I'm a titi parisien (born and raised in Paris), originally from Corsica, graduated from business school.
Before being a teacher, I've been an entrepreneur and started BonjourCoach in 2020 to help French learners getting confident speaking and understand our amazing spoken language.

I trully believe that getting to master a foreign language can help you become more confident in general in your life. 
I speak now 4 languages : French, English, Spanish and a bit of Chinese. And improving myself in all this has permitted me to go out of my confort zone and improve myself...

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