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About Bonjour Coach

Bonjour everyone,

Students in France have faced some issues coming here...

Whether learning to speak French, finding their dream accommodation, doing all the boring and long administrative stuff or succeeding their thesis.

This is where Bonjour Coach intervenes, throught all the journey.




Our mission is to prepare and accompany you the most to make you experience the best life possible in France. 


First our Coaches will inspire you through learning language

That's why, we focus on "Learning by Talking".

Then, our professional team will accompany you whether you need an accommodation, administrative assistance or help with your thesis.





I am Charles, young graduate from ESCE Business School (in Paris).

First, let me be 100% honest with you ! 

I used to be very shy when I was young, the type that was waking up at 4 am, at the same time as my dad to pretend I was throwing up in the toilets...

All this to be able to call sick to avoid going to school.

I finally could develop myself thanks to different trips abroad, going out of my comfort zone and learning new languages especially.

Without these experiences maybe I would have remained timid all my life...

To know more about The Idea 

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