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Gain confidence thanks to our tailor-made online 1 on 1 lessons focusing on speaking.

We'll exchange about life in general, your interests, our cultural differences and anything you'd like to talk about.

I'll be writing most of the stuff you say, and we'll correct together if you've made any mistakes. Then we'll dive in grammar, syntax or vocabulary you might need assistance with.

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What's next ?

Join our conversation based lessons to be able to communicate fluently about anything you want in your daily life.

After each lesson you'll receive the report of the day, with lessons and exercises if needed about something that has been studied.

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Why you should learn French with me?

Thanks to my background, I have a lot of interests that we can share


Spoken French & Paris life

As a titi-parisien (Parisian born and raised) I know well Paris lifestyle, I can advice you places to visit to "sortir des sentiers battus"


Business and entrepreneurship

I have a master in entrepreneurship and run several businesses, it's one of my passions that I like sharing



I love practicing sport everyday for my physical and mental health.
It also permits me to reach new objectives (half marathon, triathlon, and more to come)


History / Culture

As a French teacher, I'm very invested by French history and culture, let's talk about it !

To learn French the fun way

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