"Studying in France has
never been so easy" 

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Why Bonjour Coach ?

We know it's not easy to move to a different country...

Therefore we have set up the best team and have created partnerships with well-known companies.

Bonjour Coach will ensure you a stress-free integration into France.

What do we offer you ?

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Meredith Huang 

Charles is very helpful and found me a great French tutor in Shanghai!

Was really just trying my luck cause it’s a France based agency, but Charles is very resourceful and I definitely recommend it!

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Alice Ruiying Qian

I took some classes in Bonjour Coach and it’s really interesting. I practiced a lot. The topics of the class are diverse. It helped to improve not only my language but also the knowledge of French culture. It’s quite enjoyable and practical. A big recommendation to French learners!


Xander de Wit

Bonjour Coach was very helpful in finding a very nice apartment in the heart of Paris. For me as an international student, this is a very convenient way to find something, having limited possibility to visit Paris in person, and the whole process went very smoothly.

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