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Customer testimonials

Highly recommend Bonjour Coach!

The combination of practicing conversational French + improving grammar has been ideal.

After a few lessons with Charles, I  feel more and more comfortable speaking about a variety of topics. He also provides articles to read/discuss and travel recommendations. 10/10!




Cardiologue in Boston, USA

It’s a pleasure to speak with Charles of BonjourCoach to practice and improve my French. He is very patient with any errors I make and he does a great job explaining the correct grammar and offering more authentic phrases.

Additionally, Charles is a very sociable guy, well travelled, well informed, with amusing anecdotes and plenty of knowledge of French culture.

As a result, all the conversations I have with him feel like a fun and informative trans-Atlantic exchange.


Independant woman in Salt Lake City, USA

I've been studying conversational French with Charles (from Bonjour Coach) for several months.  He's a patient and good-natured teacher, skilled at keeping the conversation going and patient with me as I search for words.  

When my wife and I visited Paris, we met up with him for lunch, which was really fun.

 I highly recommend his services.  He brings a sense of humor and joie de vivre to learning French.


Entrepreneur in San Francisco, USA

I have been having lessons with Charles for a few months now and I have improved significantly in my confidence speaking and understanding in French.

He is understanding, encouraging and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to gain confidence with French.


Young worker in UK

Charles and I met in Shanghai, China, back in 2016.

I was fortunate enough to have Charles as my French tutor, but he was more than a tutor to me. Besides class, we would have food together sometimes, and he would invite me over to hang out with his friend group.

Over time, he became one of my closest buddies back then

II was very honored to have him not only as a tutor but someone to always look up to.


Student in New York

I took some classes in Bonjour Coach and it’s really interesting. I practiced a lot. The topics of the class are diverse. It helped to improve not only my language but also the knowledge of French culture. It’s quite enjoyable and practical. A big recommendation to French learners!




Works in marketing in Paris

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