Top 10 French slang

In school you'll learn about French formal words, which is very good for bases. 

But to get more fluent, to get to know real French, you HAVE to learn French slang. Indeed, we use it a lot casually in our daily conversations, especially young people. 🗣️

And you know, every year French words are added to the dictionary. Among them, a lot of slang.
For example, in 2023 "go" was added to the dictionnaire, that means "girl".

Now let's see the top 10 most popular French slangs 👇

  • Bouffer : Manger = To eat 🍗

When you're hungry, instead of saying "on va manger quoi ?" (what are we going to eat?), say "on va bouffer quoi ?".

Be careful, it's a bit vulgar so don't say it to your boss :p

You may also use "une bouffe" which means "a meal".

"On se fait une bouffe bientôt"? ->  S"hall we have a meal soon? "

  • Mec = Dude 🧑

It refers to a male person, can be a friend or a boyfriend.

"Mon mec" -> My boyfriend

When you talk to one of your male friends, you can start your phrase by "mec..." -> "dude..."

Or when you mention a guy to someone, "un mec" -> a guy

  • Blé, fric, moula, thune, pognon, maille, ... : Argent = Money 💶

Yes we love money in France ;). All this to say money, yeah yeah it's possible !

"On a tous besoin de fric" -> We all need money

  • Pote : Ami(e) = Friend

One of the most used slang words, for men and women.

"Combien de tes potes viennent à la soirée"? -> How many of your friends come to the party

  • Picoler : Boire de l'alcool = To drink alcohol 🍷

We're coming now to of the favorite hobby of the French people, yeah it's true 🤣

So if you're going to a French party, ask "on picole quoi ce soir?", it's very important !

  • Flic, poulet, keuf : Policier = Policeman

Same here a lot of words to describe policemen, because we love them I guess... Right ?

Il y a des bons et des mauvais flics.

  • Chiant(e) : Ennuyeux = Annoying

If anybody pisses you off, that's the word to use : "ah t'es chiant arrête-toi"

Be careful it's a bit vulgar, so again don't say this to your boss, think it tho it's okay :p

  • Bordel : Désordre = Mess

Either you're in the metro, the street, your company, there are many situations in France that can be a mess.

In these cases, you can use "c'est le bordel". 

However, it's a bit vulgar.

There is a famous expression using the word : "Foutre le bordel" : To make a mess

  • Lourd : Bien = Good / Annoying

I know you must be like "wtf how does lourd that means heavy in academic French can mean great and annoying at the same time"?

Well, I'll just reply you by "it's French" but don't worry I'll explain you a way to differentiate the meaning.

If you talk about someone "elle est lourde" or "il est lourd" it means -> "she is annoying" or "he is annoying" .

Note that you can also use "relou" -> annoying

Nevertheless, if you talk about something "cette musique est lourde", "ce film est lourd" -> It means "this music is great", "this movie is great".

  • Truc = Thing

When you don't know how to name something, you can just say "un truc" or "une chose"

Like : " c'est quoi ce truc ? " -> What's this thing?

C'est un truc de ouf -> It's an amazing thing !

Easier now? Let me know what you think in the comments :)