The 10 worst "false friends" between French and English

Some English words are used in French and some French words are used in English. 🇫🇷🇬🇧

That's great right ? 

But you also have to know that there are some that are very close, or sometimes even same words used in both languages, but with a very different meaning. They're called "false friends" as we can't trust them right ? 😇

Check out here the 10 worst false friends according to me :

Actually - en fait, en realité ≠ Actuellement - now, at present

Affair - une aventure, une liaison (amoureuse) ≠ Une affaire - a business, matter

Currently - actuellement ≠ Couramment - commonly, frequently

Grave - une tombe ≠ Grave - serious

Habit - une habitude ≠ Un habit - an item of clothing

Journey - un voyage, un trajet - Une journée - a day, daytime

Pain - la douleur ≠ Le pain - the bread

Preservative - un conservateur (additif) ≠ Un préservatif - a condom

To prevent - empêcher, éviter ≠ Prévenir - to warn, to let know

To rest - se reposer ≠ Rester - to stay, to remain

Which one is the worst for you? 

I want to hear that one time you got embarrassed after making a mistake !